House Rolls

Lunch Add Miso Soup or Small Ginger Salad for $2.50 with Any Regular Price Roll

  • *Roll

    • 7.95

    Tuna, white tuna, yellowtail or salmon

  • *Spicy Roll

    • 10.95

    Tuna, yellowtail or salmon

    *Spicy Roll
  • *Spicy Scallop Roll

    • 11.95
    *Spicy Scallop Roll
  • California Roll

    • 6.95
    California Roll
  • California Eel Roll

    • 11.95

    Smoked eel on California roll

    California Eel Roll
  • Bagel Roll

    • 11.95

    Smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, crab & cream cheese

    Bagel Roll
  • Shrimp Tempura Roll

    • 10.95

    Fried shrimp, cucumber, avocado, and masago

    Shrimp Tempura Roll
  • Spider Roll

    • 11.95

    Fried soft shell crab and avocado

    Spider Roll
  • Hurricane Roll

    • 13.95

    Tempura fried roll with smoked salmon, eel, asparagus, cream cheese and masago

    Hurricane Roll
  • Tex-Mex Roll

    • 10.95

    Shrimp tempura, avocado, green leaf lettuce, spicy mayo, jalapeno and masago

    Tex-Mex Roll
  • Volcano Roll

    • 12.95

    Spicy mixed seafood on California roll

    Volcano Roll
  • Red Dragon Lobster Roll

    • 14.95

    4 oz lobster tempura, cucumber, avocado and tobiko

    Red Dragon Lobster Roll
  • *Beauty & The Beast Roll

    • 13.95

    Spicy tuna, eel, green leaf lettuce, tobiko & eel sauce

    *Beauty & The Beast Roll
  • *Scrunchy Tuna Roll

    • 12.95

    Fried spicy tuna roll, masago and mayo

    *Scrunchy Tuna Roll
  • *Rainbow Roll

    • 12.95

    Tuna, salmon, yellowtail & avocado on California roll

    *Rainbow Roll
  • *Fiesta Roll

    • 13.95

    Spicy tuna, fresh salmon, tobiko & eel sauce

    *Fiesta Roll
  • December Roll

    • 13.95

    Baked scallop, crab stick, tempura flake tobiko & eel sauce

    December Roll
  • Super Crunch Roll

    • 13.95

    Smoked salmon, eel, shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber

    Super Crunch Roll
  • Philly Supreme Roll

    • 13.95

    Shrimp tempura, smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber

    Philly Supreme Roll
  • Caterpillar Roll

    • 13.95

    Shrimp tempura, cucumber, topped with eel sauce, avocado, cream cheese and spicy mayo

    Caterpillar Roll
  • Rain Forest Roll

    • 14.95

    Shrimp tempura, cream cheese topped with crab salad, tempura flake, tobiko spicy mayo and kabayaki sauce

    Rain Forest Roll
  • Sunset Roll

    • 12.95

    California roll topped with spicy crab salad tempura flake yum-yum and kabayaki sauce, red tobiko.

    Sunset Roll
  • Scorpion Roll

    • 25.95

    One fried soft shell crab, avocado topped with shrimp, one fried shrimp, cucumber topped with crab salad yum-yum and kabayaki sauce

    Scorpion Roll
  • *Four Season Roll

    • 14.95

    Tempura flake crab salad topped with white & red tuna, salmon, yellowtail, 4 color masago, yumyum and kabayaki sauce

    *Four Season Roll
  • *Crazy Salmon Roll

    • 14.95

    Spicy salmon, cucumber, topped with seared salmon, tempura flake red tobiko, spicy mayo and kabayaki sauce

    *Crazy Salmon Roll
  • *Tuna Lover Roll

    • 14.95

    Spicy tuna topped with white and red tuna, black/red tobiko, spicy mayo and kabayaki sauce.

    *Tuna Lover Roll
  • *Neptune Roll

    • 14.95

    Mixed fish, cucumber, topped with white and red tuna, yellowtail, salmon and avocado

    *Neptune Roll
House Rolls
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